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Raphaël Carette, born in Brussels in 1977, studied photography at the Ecole Supérieure de l'Image "Le 75".  During his studies he discovered English photography. Martin Parr, Nick Waplington and Richard Billingham became a source of inspiration for him and helped his work evolve towards colour and a resolutely social and documentary approach.


He then undertook a major project on his family. Here he was already showing the spectacle of everyday banality, or the banal everyday, through photography that was both intimate and modestly tinged with humour. He continued this work, displaying it at exhibitions including "Bruissements d'âme, mise au point" and the Bitume[n] festival.


Since then, he has enjoyed taking the time to become part of small social groups with whom he shares their daily lives. He photographs the snippets of life that the intimacy of the moment offers to his gaze. So he began a photographic investigation in several cafés in Marolles, which he extended to Marchin for the "Et le bonheur..." photography biennial, and then to various cafés in Hainaut.


Raphaël Carette also likes to travel the world. These journeys are like other pretexts for meeting people. Whether in the guise of an encounter or the camouflage of a tourist, he paints a portrait of the world around him. Questioning our relationships with others, the way we arrange our space, our daily lives as foreigners or as inhabitants of a country, and our relationships within our community. This photographic research, entitled 'Vieuwpoint', is divided into several small series that come together and combine to form a large panorama.


Raphaël recently undertook two new series, one on Christelle, his colleague at the Nos Pilifs farm. The other is about the Saharaoui guides in the last oases at the entrance to the Moroccan desert.

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